Saturday, 28 March 2009

I'm not entirely sure why I've got another blog, apart from a vague conviction that it could come in handy. I originally got my LJ for entirely selfish reasons - to do promotion - and in the couple of years that the villages has been running it's turned into something rather different, more of a quiet cocktail party for friends and a place for me to babble and indulge in smutty jokes and rants about the government. The Facebook thing came to me via a friend and it seems amiably deranged and knockabout but it doesn't feel quite right. And I haven't dared look at my MySpace page for a very long time.
So, what are we doing here, apart from talking to myself? Maybe a place for more serious stuff? Maybe a place to do proper promo? The Official Dave Hutchinson Blog? Damned if I know. I'll probably just wind up posting LOLcats and stories about feet being washed up in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. So, you do get around, don't you?

  2. Hi, Kathryn. And for being the first person to visit, you win...a thing.
    Yes, as I said, I'm not sure why I set this up, apart from the fact that it was free and I had a vague feeling I needed something less comfortable than the villages, which was originally set up in a spirit of evil self-promotion and which I'd now like to keep separate because I like it just the way it is. Also I wanted to follow some friends who have Blogger accounts.
    I don't think I'll be doing much here in the very near future, but it might come in handy. And it looks lovely, doesn't it? Very clean and purposeful.

  3. Hey, Hutch, just noticed your link and clicked it on. I have a B blog too, need to update it. We sort of go unnoticed here, don't we? LJ gets a lot more attention, for too many reasons to mention . . .

    I love our poolside cocktail parties . . .

    I can't remember my B blog address, else I'd link to you. It's called Luminiferous Aetheria (is that Paul I hear groaning in the distance?), which means my address must be
    Or so I think . . .

    So, what's the significance of "Under the Rose"? Subrosa? This, I understand.

  4. Hey, Jody. Yeah. Well, I was looking at the blogs of a couple of other writers on Blogger and I started thinking maybe I should get one too. I'm kind of planning a bit of a shameless self-promotion blitz when The Push comes out, and I thought I'd need an `official' blog for it. I originally meant the villages to fill that purpose, but it's got a bit too personal these days and I'd rather keep it for my friends and start another blog for business. Although god only knows what this one wil turn into after I've been using it a while.
    Yes, it's sub rosa but it's also the title of a Thomas Pynchon short story and there it also means under the compass rose, sort of wandering about.
    I'll have to try and look up your B blog.
    Big hugs.

  5. Dave, just wanted to show my appreciation for your body of work. I loved your short stories as a teenager, and went as far a stealing The Paradise Equation from Greenhill Library. Having opened an old box and found the dusty thing, I'm now trying to track down the rest of your books at the mo and can order Thumbprints, Fools' Gold and Torn Air from Amazon, but am unaware of any others published. Drop me a line with a list if you ever meander this way again as I'd love to stretch my mind around all of your visions.
    I don't know which book it's from, but '..he walked home alone, his horns trailing in the snow.' and ' it's getting harder and harder to hide these people' as final sentences to your stories completely blew me away and are with me today. Thanks, you made a portion of my childhood very interesting indeed.

  6. Cor, that's the first time my stuff's led anyone into a life of crime. Particularly in such a law-abiding area as Greenhill...
    You're most kind about those old and insanely juvenile stories, and I'm very touched. It's only in the past couple of years, thanks to the internet, that I've started hearing from people who read those early books, and it's still a little strange to get reader feedback from such a very long time ago. At the time, the whole experience of being published seemed so odd that I never actually thought of anybody reading the things.
    I'm afraid I'm not sure where the `...he walked home...' quote is from, either, but the one about hiding people is from one of the matter transmitter stories in Thumbprints, I think.
    There is other stuff floating about, although shamefully little considering how much time has passed - I was always mostly bone-idle. Some of it's online and most of it in the SciFiction archive. There's also a fifth collection, As The Crow Flies, a novel, The Villages, and a novella, `The Push.' Amazon ought to have all those.
    Once again, thank you. And thanks for getting in touch.